The best alternative to PostFinance SmartBusiness?

The PostFinance SmartBusiness invoicing program is no longer available

SmartBusiness invoicing program will shut down on the 1st November 2021. You won't be able to create new invoices with this system after that date. However, you want to keep sending bills to your customers. We have the right alternative for you.

The Solution

EZYinvoice is the best alternative to SmartBusiness. It offers similar functionalities. Our guide makes the change quick and easy.

Step 1 -  Functionalities


Find the functionalities you need: quickly send digitally invoices and QR invoices.

What you need in an invoicing software? 

  • Create beautiful invoices
  • Generate PDF invoices
  • Follow payments
  • Send invoices per email
  • QR invoice
  • with or without VAT
  • Free option plan - it's free to use if you have less than 100 customers

EZYinvoice fullfill all these requirements and much more. For example, use EZYinvoice with EZYcount to automate your accounting. Some customers see up to 98% or all data entry made automatically.

Step 2 - Try it out


Never buy software without having tested it thoroughly.

EZYinvoice offers a free plan (up to 100 customers). Create a few invoices with EZYinvoice. Send them to yourself via email. See how effective EZYinvoice is and how professional the invoices look.

Step 3 - Migrate from Postfinance SmartBusiness


Save your contacts from Postfinance SmartBusiness and upload them into your new system. No need to manually add data.

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Step 3a - Export data from Postfinance SmartBusiness

  • Sing in to your Postfinance Smartbusiness
  • Go to Contacts and Data Export
  • Click on generate export
  • Select the type of export: Contacts 
  • Select additional informations or move forward
  • Select the export format: CSV

Step 3b - Prepare data for import


Each system has a different setting and order. Your Postfinance CSV file needs the same structure as your new system.

Check the requirements and organize the columns. Don't worry it easy to do.

Step 3c - Import data


Upload your CSV file into the invoicing program and start the work.  

How to import your contact into EZYinvoice? 

  • Sing in to your new system
  • Find "import contact"
  • Select the right CSV document
  • Uploaded it into the new system
  • Save the work

Do you need extra help?

Send an email to

We are here to support you.

EZYinvoice main benefits

Simple and digital

No headaches just easy invoicing with a modern and intuitive interface.

Convert offer to invoice

Convert in one click an accepted offer to an invoice

Recurring invoices

Manage your subscriptions thanks to the recurring invoice system.

VAT Switzerland

Swiss VAT included. Invoice with or without VAT.

Get paid faster

Let customers pay with bank transfer, QR invoice, Paypal or even Bitcoin.

Invoice in PDF

Instant preview of the PDF version of an invoice as it is being written. 

Multiple currencies

Invoices in CHF or EUR or USD or all of them.

Connect EZYcount 

Connect EZYinvoice with EZYcount accounting solution to automate 85% of your admin tasks.

Try the app for free

Simple to use and efficient. 


How many invoices can I send daily?

You can send an unlimited number of invoices per day with EZYinvoice. 

How to correct an incorrect invoice?

Open your invoices ➡️ select the invoice ➡️ select modification of the invoice ➡️ make the changes  ➡️ save it 

Can I send invoices via email?

Yes, you can. Create your invoice. Save it. You can either, click on Send invoice, where we will send an automated email with your invoice to the customer. Or you can download the PDF and send the customer a personalized email with the invoice in PDF attached. 

How to add a new contacts?

Add manually in the "client" menu or import contact via CSV files from the settings.