Pricing for EZYcount accounting and EZYcount invoicing





Amount excl. VAT of 108.- invoiced
in one invoice for 12 months' subscription

Online invoicing, fast and easy to use

  • Available 24/7
  • Swiss billing models
  • QR Invoice




Amount excl. VAT of 190.- invoiced
in one invoice for 12 months' subscription

An automatic, connected and easy to use accounting system

  • Starting support
  • Automation
  • Easier collaboration with your trustee
Lifetime license



Price of the last lifetime license sale between two users EZYcount

Long-term commitment to create a world with automatic accounting

  • Transferable and saleable
  • One license for all EZYcount products
  • VIP Status

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Personalized support to help you when you need it

We've been helping freelancers, associations and small businesses stay on top of their invoicing and accounting for over 10 years now. We realized that there were two major challenges, the year-end closing and staying on top of accounting throughout the year. With a mission to always being there for you, we offer several packages of accounting support services. You can choose your service package when you buy an EZYcount subscription.

Technical support


with every EZYcount subscription

24-hour technical support included to ensure you can always work with your EZY tools.

  • 24h technical support by email

Annual closing




2 hours of closing assistance
to be booked at least 30 days in advance.
Preferential rate of CHF 150.00 excl. tax per hour

Once you've made all your entries, one of our accountants will review your accounts with you.

  • Closing entries
  • Standard checks
  • Answers to your accounting questions
Accounting follow-up




5 hours of support for a quarterly review and help with yearly closing the books
to be booked at least 30 days before the first quarterly review.
Preferential rate of CHF 130.00 excl. tax per hour

One of our accountants is assigned to your account. Every quarter, you review your accounts with him/her.

  • Control your accounting throughout the year
  • Stay up to date with your accounting
  • Ensure the accuracy of your bookkeeping