Learn the basics of accounting from the comfort of your home

Do you want to learn the basics of accounting to better understand your financial numbers or to do your own accounting? ➡️ There is a new way to do that in Switzerland.

Online schools and digital lectures are getting more and more attractive around the globe. Following your class(es) from home or even from abroad due to the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed how people study. The possibility to educate yourself from the comfort of your home at your own pace is priceless. 

I remember spending 1 hour in traffic to go to the university.  "Time is money," said Benjamin Franklin and he was right back in 1748. 

Those times, when you had to spend endless hours traveling just because you had to move to fulfill your duties in school are over!

BetterStudy - Swiss online education🇨🇭

I personally met Christophe, the founder of BetterStudy when I started EZYcount. He started Betterstudy in 2015 in Geneva by offering trainings in accounting, and gradually developing courses in areas such as human resources, market finance, marketing and communication, banking, insurance, taxation, business management and entrepreneurship.

By now BetterStudy grew and developed into an online professional training institute for adults. For diploma and certificate courses, BetterStudy members benefit from remote coaching and as well as in-person workshops by their various experts. They offer useful courses in business management, finances, and accounting too.



The BetterStudy method

They say education must follow innovations and trends.
The BetterStudy method includes different types of tools so the students can embrace the knowledge easily and properly. Benefit from personalized distance learning with their optional face-to-face group workshops. 

Learning at BetterStudy is done by:

Downloadable unique PDFs

Interactive online exercises and tests with automatic corrections, solutions, and explanations

Explanatory videos (see an example below)

Retrouver le plaisir de faire votre comptabilité avec EZYcount
Are you looking for a simple Swiss accounting solution? EZYcount is for you.

Mission and vision

Christophe Rieder created BetterStudy with the desire to make learning accounting as pleasant, efficient and motivating as possible.

BetterStudy is not just an institute, they accompany you in your professional evolution with their online courses designed by dedicated experts. Their vision is to become number 1 in online professional training in the fields of financial and business management in Switzerland. 

Why we recommend BetterStudy?

Education has changed a lot in the last 10 years thanks to technology and the internet. BetterStudy combines modern technology and new generation educations to improve the efficiency of their classes.

On BetterStudy Christophe and the teachers allow you take a class which is tailored to your needs - without rental costs for classrooms -  for a very good price.

And in addition BetterStudy offers accounting classes that are perfectly fits for self-employed who wants to better understand their financial numbers or wants to do their own simple accounting.

Recommended classes by EZYcount:
  • Fundamental Accounting Concepts:

    The course presents the fundamental concepts of accounting that are useful for any administrative employee of a small business in the service sector. Read more..
  • Introduction to Accounting

    The course presents the basics of accounting with the two main documents to know: the balance sheet and the income statement. At the end of this online you will be able to : Read and create the main accounting documents: the balance sheet, the income statement. Read more...

What to do once you took a class at BetterStudy?

To put your new knowledge into action, start doing your accounting now with EZYcount. Simple and intuitive, the theoretical knowledge is applied directly in practice and remains much more present in your mind.

Moreover, the EZYcount team supports you all along your way, especially with the "I do my accounting" sessions where our accountants help you by answering your questions and by accompanying you during the passage of the entries according to your need. https://www.ezycount.ch/fr/je-fais-ma-comptabilite/

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