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Link your Swiss accounting EZYcount to stripe to automate your collections

Want to sale online? Nothing could be easier with stripe. Link your Swiss accounting to strip and integrate this innovative online cash-out solution into your website or offer your customers the possibility to pay instantly. Moreover, all transactions are automatically sent the next day in your EZYcount accounting. 

Cash in faster with stripe

Thanks to the integration of stripe and EZYcount, your customers can buy on your website or pay your invoices using their preferred payment method: credit card, debit card, Google or Apple Pay.

You will join the millions of companies worldwide that use stripe to process billions of francs in transactions every year.

Encaissement par carte de crédit

All your stripe transactions accounted in one click

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Retrouver le plaisir de faire votre comptabilité avec EZYcount
Are you looking for a simple Swiss accounting solution? EZYcount is for you.

Wherever you receive payments via stripe, be it via invoices or an online store, you will automatically see the transaction data entered into EZYcount thanks to the EZYcount stripe integration. Payments and fees are automatically separated and you can create rules so that these are automatically accounted for in the correct accounts in your accounting. You greatly reduce not only the time needed to do your accounting but also the risk of typing errors.

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Your Swiss accounting updated daily

By receiving daily stripe transactions, your Swiss accounting is updated daily. You have at any time the relevant and up-to-date financial information on your activity. With the EZYcount stripe integration, you follow the evolution of the sales of your online store or your invoicing on a daily basis.

It is by having up-to-date financial information that you have all the relevant information to make the right decisions.

Start with EZYcount

It's very easy to get started with EZYcount and stripe. It only takes a few minutes and you will have your first stripe transactions automatically booked in EZYcount.

Do you have any question about how to link your Swiss accounting with Stripe? Contact our EZYcount team for instant help: support@ezycount.ch