Free template for creating binder spine labels

Having a neat and tidy office gives an impression of professionalism. This is similar to a tidy hotel reception desk. If a client visits your office and everything is upside down, it does not properly represent the quality and professionalism of your work.

Organising your office goes through a number of steps and we have created a detailed guide for this purpose. You can find it here: Organising your office efficiently

Below we look at how to switch from normal binders to PRO binders!

Think about, if you are taking out a binder to show it to a customer, which one would you want to have?

Binder with hand label

Classeur avec etiquette manuelle

Binder with printed label

Classeur avec etiquette imprimee

You prefer the binder with a neatly printed spine, of course!

For a professional look, your binder should have a spine label written in block letters.

To do this, you need our complete 3-page template in WORD format to make spine labels for the 7cm and 4cm federal binders.

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We have created a template to make labels directly from your home on your printer.
If you are an Apple product user, follow this link for a free Pages label template. 

This template allows you to write the label text in width or length.