How to learn accounting in 7 days?

Learn and start your accounting as quickly as possible? Follow our 7 days video session with Vivien. Each day, one video, with a specific topic to get your accounting started.

We cover subjects like:

  • chart of accounts
  •  the organization of accounting documents
  •  the management of the bank
  • the accounting of the cash register
  •  the integration of credit card statements.

This video series is dedicated to self-employed people and small companies in Switzerland who want to do their own accounting. 

How to get started?

You are new to accounting? No problem. This video series is for you. We cover the seven topics with simple practical examples. This way, we go through each topic together and apply it to your best advantage.

In the introductory video the whole process is explained. I recommend that you watch one video a day to make this series as useful as possible.

Day 1 - Accounting Organization

Find out how many binders are recommended to organize administrative documents, store incoming and outgoing invoices (debtors, creditors) and also the processing method of expense reports with plastic bags. The goal is to save time.

Day 2 - the chart of accounts

In order to make entries in the accounting system, accounts (or categories) are needed. These accounts are the grounds of financial transactions.

For example, if you made a sale and the customer paid the cash amount:
1000 Cash (the amount was received in the cash register - how did I receive it?)
to 3000 Sales (this amount represents a sale - why do I receive the money?)

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The chart of accounts is simply the list of these accounts. In this video we will see together how to make your chart of accounts simply by starting with the Swiss standards.

Day 3 - Bank entries

A lot of monetary transactions are going through the bank. Let's take a look at how to book these transactions.

Day 4 - the cash register

If you have a cash register, each day the summary of the daily activity is printed on a Z ticket. Let's put this Z-ticket in your accounting. Besides, it's the same ticket every day, only the numbers are changing.

Day 5 - the private account

As a self-employed, sometimes you pay the expenses of your professional activity with your private account. And on the other hand you pay yourself a salary every month. This video deals with the accounting of these transactions.

Day 6 - Business expenses

Business expenses can be integrated into your accounting. Let's see why it's important and how to do it quickly. In this video, there is information on how to save on taxes with your accounting!

Day 7 - the credit card

Every month, the credit card statement arrives in the mail. Let's take a look at how to process it correctly and quickly into the accounting software.


The videos should help you understand the different accounting tasks that a self-employed person or a small company must do.

If you forget something, it's very simple: just go back and watch one of the videos to refresh your memory.

If you have a question or comment, write it directly below the video or send an email to

We wish you a great accounting!