How to become self-employed or a freelancers?

Starting something new on your own isn’t just about opening your doors or launching your website. It means that you are an individual. Moreover, head of all departments and the decision-maker. Before jumping into the deep water, ensure you have the correct information and are well prepared for the journey. Be nuts about efficiency.

With this in mind, here’s a guide to see what step you have to take to start your own business

Furthermore you will need different skills to get better and to be able to keep up with your competitors. To get on the top of the list you have to learn and educate yourself time after time. You will need to adapt to different situations and unexpected changes. Follow and talk to professionals and don't bother making the effort to listen and watch.

As a freelancer or self-employed you have the freedom to decide where when and how you want to work. If your services don't require a physical space open to customers you are free to work anywhere. Find out the place where you can be the most productive and useful.

Our purpose is to help and educate people to become better at what they are doing. I outlined some useful tools you might need in the future. These are our most visited pages on our EZYcount site: 

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An easy-to-use secure online accounting and invoicing platform aimed at SMEs and the self-employed.

Organize your office to be more efficient in your administrative tasks.

Find all the information you need to create compliant and complete Swiss invoices.

Free Excel model to calculate the value of your startup when it is not yet making a profit or very little.