The team

Our dynamic and digital team consists of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals working hard to automate admin tasks. Any time you have questions someone will be there to support you. EZYcount's team has created a unique solution for self-employed and small businesses to get the administrative tasks done quickly -- at an affordable price. Learn more about the members of this outstanding team and how they can be of help to you while getting started. 


Barbara and Vivien are the co-founders of EZYcount.

They make sure that EZYcount are your favorite solutions and that you always receive friendly support when needed.

Barbara has a master degree in sustainability and social innovation as well as a bachelor degree in business administration. She has experience in a wide range of industries in Switzerland.

Vivien has a master degree in international management. Vivien has many years of experience in the accounting industry as CFO for SME or financial advisor for different projects in Switzerland and abroad.

The idea to create EZYcount came up when Barbara's father had his computer stolen and  lost all of his bookkeeping data in this event. After a few days spent looking for a simple bookkeeping software with automatic back-ups, Barbara and Vivien decided to create an online accounting solution for the self-employed in Switzerland. That's how EZYcount was created. Later on and to simplify the work, they decided to automate it. Since then, EZYcount's customers have been saving time and money at the same time as making sure that their data is safe.

Barbara and Vivien, the founders of EZYcount


With extensive knowledge and experience in their fields of interest, EZYcount's advisors follow closely EZYcount's development and help the team to go further, faster, and better.

Kyril Gossweiler - Marketing advisor

Kyril Gossweiler

Paul Peyrot - Legal advisor

Paul Peyrot

Eric Balet - Coach Genilem

Eric Balet
Coach Genilem

Sebastien Dubuis - Digital business advisor

Sébastien Dubuis
Digital Business

Want to start automate your admin tasks ?

Please contact EZYcount team and you will receive all the relevant information while discussing about the opportunity. You can find more information on how to contact us here

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EZYcount's vision

At EZYcount, we envisage accounting for the self-employed and small business owners as being automated​. 

EZYcount’s mission is to help and support the self-employed and small business owners with their administrative tasks so they can focus on what matters -- their business and their family.

We acknowledge that administrative tasks are time-consuming and often prevent owners of small companies from focusing their time and energy on their business and their customers. That's why we are focused on full automation and constant improvement of our services and becoming leading automated accounting providers.

Interested in joining our team?

EZYcount is looking for passionate people who want to help self-employed and small companies automate their administrative tasks with technology.

We offer innovative job opportunities in our digital offices.

Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the open positions or if you believe that you can contribute to EZYcount's team in a positive manner.

For all inquiries, please send your email or CV at